KOR! Records is an independent record label that creates music projects for young people with additional support needs & releases their output.

DEMO Recruitment Opportunity - March 2022 (more info)

    Every project is different, just like every young artist we work with is different. We always aim to be responsive to the needs and interests of our participants, and this means the output of a project depends on who is making it. So far we have created; EPs, singles, music videos, zines, documentaries and live performances. Our projects have taken place in schools, community centres and art venues.

    Bespoke Sessions

    One off workshops or short term projects designed to meet the interests and needs of a group.

    School and Community Projects

    Working with a class or existing community group to explore musical improvisation and performance.


    A music event bringing together projects we've worked on over the year. This has included workshops and gigs in exciting accessible venues.